Pathway Description: The UCLA Health Systems and Management Pathway aims to address the growing need for clinical leaders who excel in healthcare management, are fluent in healthcare policy, and drive innovation in healthcare delivery. The pathway provides a select group of UCLA Internal Medicine Residents with the following:

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the pathway strives to prepare residents for successful careers in healthcare management.

Certificate Requirement: 80% monthly curricular series attendance, Field Innovation Project

*If any questions about the pathway, please feel free to email Sun Mi Yoo (

I. Monthly Curricular Series Topics


II. HSM-sponsored Resident Lecture Series- Noon Conferences

III. Training Opportunities

IV. Field Innovation Projects

Field innovation projects will be conducted during each residents dedicated 2-week elective period (per year). Residents must identify a project mentor and submit an elective proposal with an overview of the project at least 1 month prior to the elective. Projects should be presented at one of the following: Solomon Scholars, resident noon conference, any regional or national conference, OPM, etc.